Policies at Florence 101 Hostel

Florence 101 Hostel
Policies and Terms

Before completing your reservation, please read the folioing policies.

Due to our Office Hours, we cannot accept same day reservations after 10 pm PST. Guests must be 18 years old or older.

The Hostel accepts reservations from travelers and temporary workers in the area only. We do not accept guests who are Local residents of Florence.

Guests must provide a valid photo ID upon arrival at The Florence 101 Hostel.  There is a 14-night maximum stay for guests from out-of-state and a 3-night maximum stay for Oregon residents.

No pets allowed. Guests with service animals must provide valid documentation upon arrival and can only stay in one of our private rooms.

Check-In is 3-10 pm. Please inform the hostel if you plant to check in past this time so we can make special arrangements for you.

Tobacco Use & Vape: 10 Feet from any open window or door and in designated areas only.

Alcohol: Beer and wine are the only alcoholic substances allowed, and they are to be consumed responsibly.

Cannabis: No Recreational Cannabis use allowed on the property.

Guests who behave in an unsafe or disruptive manner will be asked to leave immediately. We care about the safety of all our guests and take our responsibility to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your stay seriously.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made 48 hours before Check-in time on their day of arrival will receive a full refund. If you need to cancel less than 48 hours before Check-in on your day of arrival, you will not receive a refund. Call The Florence 101 Hostel at +1 541-343-3335 to confirm your cancellation. 

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