The Rooms at the
Florence 101 Hostel

You will rest peacefully in our Warm, Comfortable Bed Rooms. Each is furnished with cozy new beds set amid an eccentric decor inspired by my many travel adventures and my love of Florence. Each piece has a story, some were found in local thrift shops while others I carried here from further afield. All have been gathered with intention, to offer you a memorable and enjoyable respite on your journey.

Heceta Beach Room

Heceta Beach Room

1-2 GUESTS  


This private room with a full-sized bed awaits you after a day’s travels. You’ll find your own private wash basin and mirror and quick, easy access to The Bathhouse. The Free Laundry Facilities are close by, too, so you can easily pop over to make use of our Laundry tub and clothing washing stations. You’ll be able to fully unwind and rest in the Heceta Beach Room, awaking the next day energized and ready for the next day in your journey.

The Normandy Room

Highway 101 Room



Awake to the Eastern Sun in this peaceful room for up to four. I’ve included two bunk beds and two beds that can be reserved individually with a quick and easy optional privacy screen to give you a cozy space of their own. Travelers in The Highway 101 room can share the room’s private wash basin and mirror for personal grooming. Access to The Bathhouse is included, too. After a night in The Hwy 101 Room, you’ll awake feeling refreshed and ready to set out on your day’s adventures.

Garden Dorm Room



Travelers on a budget or reminiscing over days gone by will love the True Hostel Experience of The Garden Dorm Room. I’ve appointed the largest room in the Florence 101 Hostel with three individual beds and a set of bunk beds, a perfect setting to meet new friends, share stories of the road, and get inspired for new adventures you may want to try on your journey. Up to five travelers share the wash basin and mirror for personal grooming plus the bonus semi-private mini-fridge and microwave available.

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